Managing your font catalog

When you upload fonts, Fontdue automatically extracts relevant information from the font files, including the family name and style names.

Font formats

The easiest way to provide both Desktop and Web fonts to customers is to upload only your OTF files. Customers will receive OTFs as-is for Desktop use, and for Web, Fontdue automatically generates WOFF and WOFF2 files through a conversion process. The converted Webfonts are also served through our webfont service for use on your site. For more details, see our guide on webfont conversion.


It's possible to group multiple families into a collection of families. Collections work well for typefaces with multiple widths or optical sizes, for example.

To create a Collection, start by navigating to Collections, then Upload a new font family. When you select files to upload, make sure you choose every style from every family you want to be grouped. Fontdue extracts the family names from the files, and uses them to create appropriate groups. We also take one of the family names at random for the Collection name, but you'll probably want to edit that.


Font naming When you configure your font family & style names, you may have a single family with multiple widths, as in "Type Family - Condensed Bold" or you may group widths into subfamilies as in "Type Family Condensed - Bold". We will only create collections with subfamilies if you give families distinct names like the latter example, however if you prefer to keep widths in a single big family, you can also create Bundles for each width.


In the Template, only top-level products (Collections and Families) are represented on the homepage, so only top-level products have their own product page. Collection product pages show all families and their styles. This means that certain content like Type Testers, Description, PDFs and so on must be entered only for the Collection rather than each Family. If you're building your own template you may structure your pages more flexibly.


Use bundles to create special pricing for groups of styles under a family.

A common use-case is discounting roman + italic pairs, so we made a special tool for automatically creating pairs. Click the Generate pairs button to do so.

You can create abitrary groups of styles with their own prices. Some foundries only offer bundles rather than individual styles which we fully support.

Type testers

The type tester editor integrates with our Type Testers frontend component.

You may display a sample selection of styles from your family, multiples of the same style, or a Waterfall of every style. Use the Generate waterfall button to easily create a type tester for each style.

Use the OpenType features section at the top to expose a subset of features to customers in the Type Testers component.