Test fonts

Fontdue can automatically generate test fonts for you. We subset your entire font catalog using a character set which you configure, and make it available to customers after they enter their name and email.


We also automatically append the word "Test" to font family names, which avoids conflicting font installations and makes it clear which version of the font you have installed.

To enable Test fonts, first navigate to SettingsTest fonts. You must decide which characters to include in the subset. We've provided some instruction on that page, but for example this configuration will include all latin uppercase, lowercase, numerals, space, comma, hyphen and full-stop:

0041-005a 0061-007a 0030-0039 0020 002c-002e

When you first save these settings we run the subsetter process in the background – this takes a few minutes before the test fonts are ready to download – so you may see a message saying "Test fonts are currently unavailable" while they're processing.

Allowing customers to download Test fonts

  • If you're using our Template, the form for customers to download test fonts is automatically available at https://your-site.fontdue.com/test-fonts. You can add a link to this page in the navigation by creating a Page with the special Slug test-fonts. The page title may be changed as long as the slug remains exactly test-fonts, and any content you enter in the Text field will appear before the form.
  • If you're building your own site template, place the Test Fonts Form component somewhere on your site.

The EULA agreement as well as the newsletter opt-in labels are customizable in SettingsLabels. Those are the same labels that appear in the checkout.

We track when customers download test fonts in the dashboard, and you can find a list in CustomersTest fonts downloads.

Adding a Test Fonts EULA

Include a LICENSE.html file with the Test Fonts ZIP archive by adding a License and setting its License type to Test. The Test license type will not show up in the checkout process (those are limited to Retail licenses).