Font licenses

Fontdue provides you flexibility to customize your licenses with variables.

We've provided a few presets as examples that should help you understand how variables work. We recommend starting with the presets and customizing them.

Retail licenses

These are licenses which customers select during the normal checkout process. Prices for licenses are configured with Multipliers.

Default license

When a customer clicks Buy on a product page, they must also select a license before they can add to cart. We recommend setting one of your licenses (e.g. Desktop) as the default to make this process smoother for customers.

Font types

Specify which font formats to include with the license download.

WOFF & WOFF2 files are generated automatically unless you upload your own. You can read more about the conversion process here.


Select variables create a select box (dropdown list) of options for the customer to choose. If a license specifies Select variables, the customer must choose one option from each of the variables. The Amount field is just text, so you can format these however you'd like.

Text variables require the customer to enter text associated with the license during checkout. This can be useful for capturing (for example) the domain name for a Web license, or the app name for an App license.

Table variables are similar to Select variables except each selection includes multiple Amounts. This is useful for mixed-use licenses.

Pricing calculation

A license can have a Base multiplier and variable options each with a Multiplier.

Pricing is then calculated like so:

Item price × Selected license base multiplier × Selected variable option multiplier

For a license with multiple variables, the multipliers from each selection are stacked.

When a user selects multiple licenses for a single item, the prices are summed. There is currently no way to specify multi-license discounts.

Test license

Add a Test license to be included with Test fonts. This will not be selectable during checkout.

Special licenses

These are not selectable during checkout and so do not have multipliers or variables associated with them. These are intended to show additional use-cases not covered by the Retail licenses, which customers can negotiate terms and pricing for.

If you're using our Template, special licenses will appear alongside Retail and Test licenses on the Licenses page.