Fontdue Documentation

Guides and references for using and integrating Fontdue

Fontdue makes it easy to start a type foundry. The core product is a dashboard for managing your font catalogue and customer orders, plus a suite of tools to help you build and run your website.

There are three main ways to create a foundry website.


When you first sign up, we provide a front-end template for demo purposes. You can see an example of how your website gets populated with the data you enter into the CMS.

It's possible to use the template for your own site, but it only supports minimal customization options. If you'd prefer to have full control over the appearance of your site, continue reading about our Developer APIs or get in touch with us about Full-service customization.

Template reference

Developer APIs

Our APIs allow you to build your site using your favorite tools


Web development experience not required. Check out the guides tagged Easy


Allows you to query data about your font catalog and other content


Prebuilt interactive components you can add to your site, like the Cart and Type Testers


Add automatically-generated webfonts to your site

We've written a few guides showing example implementations of these APIs. The concepts in these guides apply to other contexts, so they may be helpful for your use-case

Full-service customization

If you don't find a solution using our APIs, we can implement your site design for you โ€“ย we've built many sites for foundries on top of the Fontdue platform. This work is primarily customizing the frontend template, so we're able to work quickly, and our rates are competitive.

We try to be accomodating, but the ideal process looks like this:

  1. You produce high-fidelity mockups for your site design
  2. We'll work with you to clarify the scope, and agree on a fixed quote
  3. We develop the template and work with you to finalize the details
  4. Site launch ๐Ÿš€
  5. Requests for additional features are scoped and quoted the same way

More guides

Once you have the ball rolling, we've written these guides covering a range of topics to help you understand and take full advantage of Fontdue's features.

Managing your font catalog
Payments with Stripe
Font licenses
Test fonts
Webfont conversion
Cross-origin API access
Test mode
Access your Fontdue subscription invoices