Update 001

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Fontdue Update 001

We’re excited to announce the availability of Fontdue! We quietly opened up the platform to try in August 2021, and have since received valuable feedback that’s helped us shore things up.

Since our introductory announcement way back in 2018, we’ve been steadily building out features of the platform and helping type foundries launch their new sites.

Our foundry roster now includes General Type Studio, TYPE BY, Mass-Driver, RazziaType, Fort Foundry, Identity Letters, Public Type, Hanzer Liccini, Delta Bravo Type, Central Type, Naipe Foundry, Huy! Fonts, Metis Foundry, Peregrin Studio, Teeline Fonts, Resistenza Type, and many more coming soon.

This newsletter will be a place for us to showcase new and existing features across the platform, as well as new foundry sites. We hate spam as much as you do, so we’ll only send these when we have something exciting to share.

React components for developers

Fontdue components for React are now available via NPM. Our preferred framework for building new foundry sites is Next.js – powered by React – for its rich interactive possibilities and instant page loading.

We’ve successfully been using these components with Next.js for custom foundry sites, and published a guide on how we do it. The guide also provides an example method for querying the GraphQL API with TypeScript support.

We worked hard to make it possible for developers to use React for Fontdue sites, and we’re excited to see what you build!

Character viewer

Now available: a new Fontdue.js component for exploring characters. The character sets are automatically extracted and grouped into Unicode blocks, and it includes characters shown via simple OpenType feature substitutions. Check out the docs to add it to your site, we’re eager to hear your thoughts.


What else is new?

We’ve been keeping a journal of what’s new on the docs site, take a look to see a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes.