Update 003

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Update 003

Hello, here’s a quick update of what we’ve been up to on Fontdue over the summer and fall.

Variable fonts

We quietly rolled out support for variable fonts in September. This touches many parts of the platform and component system, but most notably the type tester now supports variable axes as well as selecting named instances. You can learn more on our article on variable fonts.

Thank you Erik van Blokland for helping push this development forward!

Payment methods

The checkout experience has been enhanced to allow you to accept payment methods from your customers including ACH direct bank deposits, Apple Pay, iDEAL, and various other methods. Head to your Stripe dashboard to accept new payment methods today.

New foundries

We are thrilled to welcome these foundries to Fontdue: Studio René Bieder, LettError, Leinster Type, Plain Form, Erkin Karamemet Studio, Domicile Foundry, muccaTypo, WIP, and Arkitype.

What else is new?

As always, we’ve released many small features and bug fixes, see what’s new over on the docs site.