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We started by creating a site with the “Untitled” template.

The example site we set up is available here –


In your Fontdue admin, add your Cargo URL to the Cross-origin access setting, without the trailing slash, e.g. https://fontdueexample.cargo.site

On the Design tab, click Custom HTML and past the Fontdue.js snippet. You may need to add the first two <script> tags and click Save before adding the final script. (Cargo seems to want to disable the latter script until the first one has loaded).

Above those script tags, also include the following to make the cart available on every page.


To add Fontdue widgets to the page, click on the Content tab, then Untitled page.

At the bottom, in the tool panel, click on Code view and add the following:

<fontdue-buy-button collection-slug="ibm-plex"></fontdue-buy-button>

Replace the ibm-plex with your own collection’s slug.